In Search of Common Ground: Reconciling Western-based Governance Principles and First Nations Traditions

Prompted by the spirit of the new Truth and Reconciliation Commission, soon beginning its work in examining the legacy of the residential school system, this paper seeks to begin to reconcile the governance principles espoused by the Institute On Governance (following the UNDP) with Aboriginal governance traditions. After discussing fundamental elements of governance and good governance (I) it presents the Institute’s five governance principles (II), then probes their origins of the principles in international human rights law, Western political theory… Read more

Improving Health Governance in First Nation Communities: Model Governance Policies and Tools

Prepared in collaboration with the Assembly of First Nations for the Second Annual First Nations Health Manager’s Conference, this practical publication opens with an introduction on governance and a primer on policy, before describing five model governance policies on topics such as: the relationship of a health authority to the First Nation Council; the roles and responsibilities of board and staff; a code of conduct; and the conduct of board meetings. The paper also provides three governance tools: one on… Read more

In Praise of Taxes: The Link between Taxation and Good Governance in a First Nations Context

This paper makes the case that broad-based taxation by First Nations governments would enhance their governance practices. The study relies on comparative government and public finance literatures as well as interviews with First Nations that have already imposed some form of taxation. It examines both the advantages of taxation and the ‘curse’ of revenue that does not arise from broad-base taxation – such as oil or natural resource wealth.

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