Evaluating Citizen Engagement in Policy Making

Despite increasing opportunities for public participation in policy-making, there has been little research or evaluation of the effectiveness of such exercises. Assumptions abound about what contributes to effective public participation and which of a variety of methods are most suitable in different circumstances – but these assumptions are rarely tested in practice. This paper presents a proposed evaluation framework consisting of five key factors and related criteria drawn from the academic and applied literature on citizen engagement. It applies the… Read more

Policy Brief No. 34: Two Key Questions For Horizontal Policy Making & Implementation

In today’s world of increasingly complex problems that cross over boundaries between governments and between the government sector and other sectors of society, horizontal policy making and implementation is increasingly necessary, but also very difficult to do well. Based on more than a decade of experience in the area, the Institute On Governance has identified two key questions that need to be addressed when embarking on a horizontal initiative.

Policy Brief No. 30: Shared Governance: Innovation in the Health Sector

This policy brief looks at an institutional innovation that has been developed over the past decade to improve coordination among F/P/T governments and other stakeholders in the health sector. Drawing on case studies of six coordinating health organizations, the paper examines the challenges inherent to “shared governance”, including issues of board composition, representation, and accountability.

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