IOG Director of Health and Innovation leads annual International School on Research Impact Assessment

The Institute’s Director of Health and Innovation, Eddy Nason, led the second annual International School on Research Impact Assessment (ISRIA) at the start of September 2014. Mr. Nason, an acknowledged expert in research evaluation, was one of three Directors involved in establishing, managing and running the school. As the Program Director for the school, Mr. Nason worked closely with the Scientific Director, Dr. Cyril Frank (President and CEO of Alberta Innovates — Health Solutions and Member of the Order of… Read more

The Return on Investment in Team: Return on investment analysis framework, indicators and data for interprofessional care and interprofessional education in health

The Health and Education Task Force (HETF), a task force of the F/P/T Advisory Committee on Health Development and Human Resources (ACHDHR), engaged the IOG to develop a ROI analysis framework to assess Interprofessional Care (IPC) and Interprofessional Education (IPE). This framework would provide the evidence to support a business case and pan-Canadian policy development approach for team-based health care and education. The IOG analyzed existing approaches to return on investment (ROI) in health care and education and interviewed key… Read more

Cutting Edge Governance: SPPG and IOG panel discussion

Date: Monday, February 13th, 2012 Time: 4:00 pm – 5.30 pm Location: School for Public Policy and Governance in Toronto Address: University of Toronto, Canadiana Building, 3rd floor, 14 Queen’s Park Cres. West, Toronto, ON, M5S 3K9 Cost: Free Information: Governance is not static; it evolves and innovates over time and across jurisdictions. To capture the leading edge of this innovation, the Institute on Governance has analyzed eight cutting edge approaches to governance in the public sector. These eight governance approaches range from municipal level… Read more

Health Services and Policy Research Capacity Building in Canada

This study investigates the different approaches used internationally to build capacity for improving the health system through better research into health services and health policy. Conducted for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR), this project assesses current approaches to capacity building, needs and strengths in Canada and international examples of successful capacity building, to develop recommendations for IHSPR and CIHR on how to continue building capacity in Canada.

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