Towards Reconciliation Videos on CPAC

The IOG hosted the Towards Reconciliation symposium on October 15-16 in Toronto in order to revisit where Indigenous governance is heading in light of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) report. Towards Reconciliation brought together key stakeholders from Indigenous communities, institutions, the public sector, and academia. Discussions were focused on three key themes: Nation re-building: restructuring the relationship Economic empowerment, lands, resources, wealth creation and redistribution Closing the economic and social gaps The Cable… Read more

PGEx Workshop on Oversight in the Public Sector

The Institute on Governance is hosting a Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) workshop on “Oversight in the Public Sector” on November 27. This workshop will bring together governance experts and officials from government departments and arm’s-length organizations. Participants will examine both the federal and Ontario experiences. This event will draw on PGEx’s work in the related areas of risk and oversight, give participants an opportunity to share experiences and insights, and help shape the forward agenda for PGEx research. The workshop… Read more

IOG returns to Iraq to help transform public service

President Maryantonett Flumian is leading another Institute on Governance contingent to Iraq this week, where they will be working with officials in Erbil to finalize the design of a Senior Executive Service (SES) system for the Regional Government of Kurdistan (KRG). Implementation of the SES system will involve developing senior executives who can lead the transformation to a modern public service in the KRG. The aim is to create a modern, representative, and merit-based leadership group. The IOG is assisting… Read more

The Not for Profit Board’s Role in Stakeholder Relations: Survey Results and Analysis

The Institute on Governance used a survey in order to gain the knowledge and experience of senior Not for Profit leaders on board and stakeholder relations. The aim of this survey was to determine how NFP boards are identifying and engaging stakeholders, to determine what models and practices can be created to help them fulfill their role in this area, and to gain an understanding of how this role is distinct from that played by staff. Stakeholder identification, analysis, and… Read more

Attend the Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium at the Institute on Governance

You are invited to the Fourth Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium on June 20 at the Institute on Governance.  Parliamentary Interns, selected as finalists in production of interesting research papers on “MPs as Partisans, Policy Makers and Parliamentarians”, will present their work to an audience of their peers, academics, alumni, researchers and granting councils at the 60 George Street location of the IOG. After the morning presentations, a light lunch will be served followed by luncheon speaker Marc Bosc, Deputy Clerk… Read more

Preparing Government for the Data and Information Needs of the 21st Century – Summary Report

In the digital era of information superabundance, the challenge for governments is clear: how will they put in place the processes, frameworks and capabilities to manage this information and data so that it meets growing and complex needs and expectations? Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) specialists have done their best to put generic “safety net” solutions in place to meet complex business requirements. But policy makers and program managers are now important players in the information… Read more

The Role of Management Boards in the Public Sector – Proceedings Report

In the public sector, terminology is not always a reliable indicator of function, and the term “board” can refer to a range of very different entities. This is true even within a single jurisdiction. For example, the Government of Canada includes a number of organizations whose title includes the term “board” in a sense different from that used in this paper – referring variously to administrative tribunals (the Immigration and Refugee Board), organizations with a regulatory mandate (the National Energy… Read more

PGEx Learning Conference: Oversight in the public sector; fostering effective relationships

On March 27 to 28, IOG’s Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) will present a two-day learning conference on oversight relationships in the public sector. This event will bring together senior officials and recognized subject-matter experts from both within and outside government for a multi-faceted, in-depth examination of oversight practices across the Canadian public sector. Balanced and effective oversight is critical to the success of any organization, but plays a distinctive role in the public sector. Public sector organizations, even those with… Read more

PGEx Workshop on Federal Crown Corporation Governance – Proceedings Report

The Public Governance Exchange held a workshop entitled Crown Corporation Governance Since the 2005 Review on Monday December 17, 2012. The purpose of the workshop was to examine the evolution of governance practices for federal Crown corporations in recent years, with the comprehensive 2005 Review serving to frame the issues. Specific issues were discussed such as accountability relationships, Board appointments and composition, transparency requirements, and the use of instruments such as letters of expectation and ministerial directives. Also, broad trends were considered… Read more

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